, the ethical job portal, is changing focus to premium jobs, at universities, and those somewhat more demanding/higher paying positions, and moving focus onto seven countries: Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand.


expatseek… the ethical job portal

expatseek… the ethical job portal

expat life in Asia

Life as an expat in Asia is a fun-filled, adventurous shock of color, lights and never-ending change. expatseek.comwould like to help you get there. A move to Asia can be a life-changing decision that can present you with wonderful opportunities to forge new friendships, experience a new culture, develop yourself professionally, travel, and re-engage with this dance we call life!. To help get you prepared for it all, have a look at some of our tips and cheeky pointers!
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Teach English in Asia – JapanKoreaChinaTaiwan – and help the world in which you live at the same time!