expatseek is our first project in a campaign to create a new era in our corporate culture – Corporation 2.0. We are the original 2.0 Corporation; a dual-motivated company seeking profit maximization as well as saving the planet and working toward the greater good of humanity. We believe in the ideas of enlightened self-interest. We believe that human beings need to demonstrate a sense of custodianship of the natural environment in which we live, and which we have dominated and damaged. We believe the most effective instruments through which we might do this are to establish 2.0 corporations… companies that pursue not only profit, but an ethical approach toward the environment and by making significant investment in that environment’s reparation and helping the less-fortunate lift themselves out of poverty.

expatseek.com invests 50% of all profits into charitable organizations and on projects designed to make the world a better place. Listing a job with us means doing something good for the planet. Using our site encourages employers to list jobs with us.

We have a lot of work to do if we want to save this planet and its less fortunate people. Let’s get started.

Check out our ethical work here.

Teach English in Asia – JapanKoreaChinaTaiwan – and help the world in which you live at the same time!


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